Contributing to GaL-AA

7th Tradition: Self-Support and 12th Step Work

Like all groups in our fellowship, GaL-AA is self-supporting and relies on contributions from groups and individuals. In keeping with the 7th Tradition, we do not accept donations from non-AA sources. LGBT+ Groups (regularly, some sporadically) send monies to GaL-AA from meeting collections. We also receive contributions from AA roundup committees, and individual AA members send contributions as a way of giving back to the fellowship — in short, GaL-AA’s operating funds come from you.

What we do with contributions? We maintain an internet website, operate hospitality suites and dances at AA’s International Conventions, distribute literature, sponsor registrations for round-up attendees that lack resources, maintain databases of LGBT+ roundups, mass mail communications about and from GaL-AA to AA members, and pay fees to service providers necessary for our operations. None of our committee members are compensated by GaL-AA. We do not use funds for travel expenses (other than hotel accommodations limited/annual in-person meetings), and we meet monthly online so we do not have high rental expense. Our expenses are necessary in performing 12-Step work. We publish a summary of group/individual contributions in our newsletters. Is your group contributing or should it consider contributing?

There is an AA world outside any home group that includes special purpose groups (other groups similar to GaL-AA with individuals from distinct backgrounds: Doctors in AA, Lawyers in AA, Airline Pilots and Aviation Professionals in AA, Young People in AA), the fellowship’s General Service Office (GSO), regional intergroups, district and area committees. No matter what their composition, special purpose and service groups have the same primary purpose as any AA group: carrying the AA message to the alcoholic who still suffers. We are united in the first tradition with one another — what a great tradition that binds us.

GSO’s guidelines remind groups to consider distributing excess funds for 12-Step work. The guidance recommends groups consider a plan of distribution (a matter for your group’s own conscience) for excess funds in order to further carry out the 5th Tradition. Many group treasurers are familiar with the percentage plan for sending monies to GSO, intergroup/central office, district and area. If your group doesn’t already contribute to Gal-AA, ask your group members to consider us as another AA service entity that relies on your support to carry the message. We are grateful to the groups and individuals for their continued support. See the GaL-AA website and newsletters for more information on ways to contribute; we publish our financial information on our website and update it regularly. Visit GaL-AA – Gays and Lesbians in Alcoholics Anonymous.

As you know, the 2020 International Convention in Detroit was cancelled due to the COVID pandemic. Our local committee organizing the GaL-AA hospitality suite, dance and other events for that convention did amazing work in raising funds, most of which we retained in our savings account/reserves. We’ll still ask members for additional monies to prepare us for the 2025 International Convention in Vancouver, BC, Canada (it’s fast approaching, and we’re very excited about it). We are actively looking for AA members/groups in the Vancouver area and surrounding provinces to help us organize our GaL-AA activities. We anticipate expenses to be high in procuring accommodations/supplies for our hospitality suite and dance with inflation on the rise in the U.S. and Canada. If you need more information about what you and/or your group can do for fundraising, please contact us. We can suggest many activities: movie nights, raffles, house parties, game nights, get-togethers and other fun fellowship activities. Remember there’s a whole world of AA outside your group. We look forward to participating in the 2025 International (we’ve received a “go” from GSO and are in the process of hotel selections). Please consider joining other GaL-AA groups if yours does not contribute yet. We are thankful for all the past support from individuals and groups. Thank you for your service.

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