In order to be responsible, trusted servants, the GaL-AA Executive Committee promises to adhere to the following best practices:

Internet Guidelines

Gal-AA observes the principles and Traditions of Alcoholics Anonymous on our website or with other internet-based communications. Since anonymity is “the spiritual foundation of all our Traditions”, we practice anonymity on our website at all times. The website is a public medium and therefore requires the same safeguards that are used at the level of press, radio and film. In all matters, we rely on the shared experience of A.A. members in various service areas which is available to us through the publication “A.A. Guidelines “on the Internet.

Editorial Policy

The oversight for the GaL-AA Newsletter and the GaL-AA website is the responsibility of the GaL-AA Executive Committee. AA members, groups and roundups may make copies of materials for local distribution. We invite articles, letters, questions, suggestions and comments.


In keeping with the traditions, GaL-AA is self-supporting. It accepts contributions from AA individuals, meetings, groups and roundups. Monies are not accepted from outside the fellowship (non-AA members, other 12 step programs, treatment facilities or non-AA groups/roundups/clubs). The maximum contribution by an individual is $3,000.

AA members celebrate sobriety by giving time, energy and money in support of the Twelfth Tradition – carrying the message – the basic service that the AA fellowship offers. Financial contributions are made in the spirit of sacrifice and honor the A.A code of “love and service”. These contributions underscore the spiritual nature of the fellowship and our mutual love and trust. The amount of a contribution is not the point. The important message is that each individual and group contributes something to be a part of the whole. In smaller groups, it may be nickels and dimes. In larger groups, it may be bills.

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