GaL-AA Bylaws

At the Executive Committee’s face-to-face meeting in Troy Michigan in mid-March 2017, the committee unanimously voted to revise the GaL-AA bylaws that had been in effect since August 29, 2014. The revisions did not affect the overall rights GaL-AA members, and changes are summarized below. In accordance with Article 13 of the bylaws, the revised bylaws were posted for 30 days on our website, and members were given the authority to challenge the revisions in writing. The revised bylaws were posted September 12 through October 11, 2017, without challenge or opposition from a member of GaL-AA. Please launch the final document hyperlinked on this page.
Summary of changes:

● References to lesbians, gay men and other gay people were replaced with the more current/appropriate term “LGBT+”.
● The Statement of Inclusion in Article 3 was brought up to date with changes made by the Executive Committee at another in-person meeting in October of 2016.
● Article 7.2 was revised to require one in-person meeting annually as opposed to two (there is a cost benefit associated with this change).
● We made other stylistic/non-material changes throughout the bylaws.
Like all governance documents the bylaws are fluid, and I and others on the Executive Committee feel they will reflect the continuing needs and works of GaL-AA. We thank you for the opportunity to serve the LGBT+ AA community.
Mark P.
Secretary October 20, 2017

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