GaL-AA Bylaws

At the Executive Committee’s face-to-face meeting in Atlanta, Georgia on June 7,
2024, the board unanimously voted to restate the GaL-AA bylaws that had been
in effect since October 2017. The revisions do not affect the overall rights GaLAA

We posted the restated bylaws for 30 days on our website, giving members the
authority to challenge the revisions in writing from June 9 through July 9, 2024.
The restated bylaws met with two challenges: one relative to the first sentence in
the Statement of Inclusion, and other concerning the Chairperson’s ability to

The proposed change to the Statement of Inclusion did not meet with a required
three-quarter majority vote of the board and the board declined upholding the
challenge. The board agreed to revisit the Chairperson’s voting powers after it
conducts more research on common practices within AA general service
committees concerning voting by committee chairs.

Please launch the final document hyperlinked on this page.

GaL-AA Executive Committee

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