About Us

GaL-AA (Gays and Lesbians in Alcoholics Anonymous) serves the LGBTQ members of Alcoholics Anonymous.

Our sole purpose for existing is to provide our experience, strength and hope to any arm of A.A. when called upon to do so, to work in the spirit of Unity and Service with A.A. as a whole.

Our function is not that of a policy/decision making board in matters affecting the LGBTQ members of Alcoholics Anonymous, nor is our function to isolate or separate ourselves from the mainstream of A.A.

GaL-AA was chartered in 1981 and it is recognized by Alcoholics Anonymous as a special interest group. GaL-AA is a non-profi 501(c)(3) corporation and contributions are tax deductible.

GaL-AA Contributions: In keeping with the traditions, GaL-AA is self-supporting. It accepts contributions from AA individuals, meetings, groups and roundups. Monies are not accepted from outside the fellowship (non-AA members, other 12 step programs, treatment facilities or non-AA groups, roundups and clubs). The maximum annual contribution by an individual is $3,000.

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