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Welcome Subscribe to our Mailing List Greetings everyone! We are very excited to deliver our Spring 2018 newsletter to you. Be sure to invite everyone to make copies and share with friends and their AA groups.  You can also just forward this email on to all your friends in AA and they can subscribe to future mailings! […]

Greetings, and welcome to the preparations for the 2020 International AA Convention. My name is Megan M, and I am the GaL-AA 2020 convention chairperson. My deputy chair Marty and I will be giving you steady updates on our progress – and updates on ways you can get involved both at the convention itself and

Greetings and Happy New Year, We have received one service resume for each of the open positions during our election timeline. These positions are Deputy Chair, Secretary and Advisor II. They were received from the current incumbents Carol N., Mark P. and Eric W., respectively. According to our Bylaws and election process, no voting need

It’s that time of the year again—time for the GaL-AA spirit of rotation to inspire and excite your spirit of service for the LGBT+ AA community! There are a few things we think you should know about service positions with GaL-AA. First, anyone can run for an executive committee position no matter where in the

Dear Members of GaL-AA: At the Executive Committee’s face-to-face meeting in Troy Michigan in mid-March, the committee unanimously voted to revise the GaL-AA bylaws that had been in effect since August 29, 2014. These changes do not affect your overall rights as members of GaL-AA and they are summarized below. A version marked to show the

Greetings everyone! We are very excited to deliver our Summer 2017 newsletter to you. Be sure to invite everyone to make copies and share with friends and their AA groups. And don’t forget… You can still submit your own story!  We are looking for fellow LGBT+ members in recovery to share their story with us to be

The GaL-AA committee had a wonderful time meeting all the fabulous folks in Detroit, made some great connections and started rounding up volunteers for the International AA Convention in 2020. The executive committee would like to send a special THANK YOU to the “Together We Can” committee in Detroit for their generous hospitality in hosting

Hello Detroit, GaL-AA will be in Detroit for your TWC Roundup to meet for our semi-annual Face-to-Face business meeting. If you’re interested in getting to know us, please come to our meetings on March 16 and 17, 2017 9AM to 5PM at the Troy Marriott Hotel where the roundup is being held. Or, sometime over the weekend stop

Well the New Year is here and the votes have been tabulated. Our newest members to be elected are as follows: Chairperson: Denise R. Attleboro, MA Sobriety date: 10/24/1989 Treasurer: Pierre B. Atlanta, GA Sobriety date: 01/04/1994 Advisor I: Jim A. Los Angeles, CA Sobriety date: 09/25/1982 Advisor III: Randall R. Dearborn, MI Sobriety date: 04/26/2002

7th Tradition: Self-Support and 12th Step Work We received inquiries from members on our committee’s use of funds. Like all groups in our fellowship, GaL-AA is self-supporting and relies on contributions from groups and individuals. In keeping with the 7th Tradition, we do not accept donations from non-AA sources. Groups (regularly, some sporadically) send monies

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