GaL-AA welcomes two new advisors to the executive committee

GaL-AA welcomes two new members to the executive committee – Misha Q. as Advisor II and Jeff T. as Advisor I.  

Misha’s sobriety date is January 7, 1996.  Her service experience includes working on the hospitality committee at the 2000 AA International Convention in Minneapolis, MN, serving at the intergroup and district levels, and on the executive board of the AA Women’s Conference.  She also started a LGBTQ AA meeting in Iowa and carries the message through sponsorship.  

“I’m pleased to serve on GaL-AA,” says Misha. “I’m particularly committed to making sure that the hand of AA is there for all queer, lesbian, gay, trans, bisexual and non-binary folks who have a desire to stop drinking. I hope we can continue to be a resource, especially for young people, newcomers to recovery, people from rural and remote communities and people from places around the world where being open about an  LGBT+ identity could be difficult or dangerous.”

Jeff T. resides in Lakewood, Ohio near Cleveland and has been sober since January 1, 1979.  He has been involved with recovery service work in both Toledo and Cleveland, Ohio serving as intergroup representative, on the Intergroup Corrections Committee, Intergroup Operations Committee, the Ohio Roundup, the Ohio State GSO Convention and numerous International Conventions.  Jeff is an avid scuba diver and is a board member of Diving For Life – the international LGBTQ+ scuba jamboree charity which raises money global health organizations.   

We are excited to welcome Jeff and Misha to GaL-AA as we begin planning for the 2025 AA International Convention in Vancouver.

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