Download GaL-AA’s Bylaws here (pdf)

At the Executive Committee meeting of 2012 discussion led the Committee to the realization that the recent name change necessitated a complete revision of the extant Bylaws. The project was given to the Deputy Chair. What seemed like a relatively simple project at the time soon changed into a major undertaking. As the IAC archives were searched many different versions of the Bylaws were uncovered, often conflicting or incomplete. By 2013 it was obvious that a complete rewrite was necessary. In addition to the versions problems the required legal structure of Bylaws by federal and state agencies had changed greatly and the then current Bylaws were not in compliance with the requirements of a Not-For-Profit 501c3 Corporation.

The Bylaws approved by the Executive Committee on August 29, 2014, contain several important changes including Articles defining the name, inclusiveness, designation of Officers, job descriptions of Officers, Executive Committee elections, and action item procedures. Also added were the legally required Articles defining quorums, majority, removal of Executive Committee members from office, appointment of temporary Executive Committe members, voting rights, and Dissolution of the Corporation. Gender compliance issues were also addressed.

Additionally sections of the then current Bylaws were removed because they were more suited for inclusion in a Policy and Procedures Manual. This document is already in process under the guidance of the Executive Committee Chair and Deputy Chair.

As the project leader I thank the current Executive Committee and the Immediate Past Chair of that Committee for their contributions and patience during seemingly endless discussions and revisions.

Like all such documents these Bylaws are fluid in that they should and must reflect the continuing needs and works of GaL-AA.

Mike N.
Deputy Chair August 29, 2014

Download GaL-AA’s Bylaws here (pdf)