With the new year approaching, it is time to elect new Executive Committee members. Ballots have been emailed to all of our mailing list members. Please take a few minutes to consider the candidates and submit your ballot. Questions may be sent to elections@gal-aa.org. Ballots must be submitted by 12:01 A.M. December 21, 2015.

See below for the brief service resumes of this year’s candidates.

Thank your for your participation and continued support of GaL-AA.


GaL-AA Executive Committee

Deputy Chair – Carol Nickerson
Sobriety date: 2/8/80

Carol has served as Secretary of the Executive Board of GaL-AA for 4 years (2 terms). Prior to that she has held most positions in her home group and has service as a District Rep. and a long time member of the SEMRU (South Eastern Mass. Round-Up) Committee.

Secretary – Mark Pietkiewicz
Sobriety Date: 4/21/05

Mark has been and officer, GSR, and multiple other positions in his home groups. On the District level he has served as Treasurer, DCM and has worn multiple other hats over the years.

Advisor II –

Jim Andre –

Jim has been an active member of the Fellowship since September of 1982, He has a long history of service most notably as Founder, Manager, President and Treasurer of the Hot N’ Dry Roundup since September of 1987.

Gregory Coyle –

Greg is a member of and of service to multiple “home groups” in Fort Lauderdale, New York, and Arizona since he came to AA in June of 1982.

Gary Johnson –

Gary lives and teaches Nursing in San Jose, CA and is a very active volunteer not only in the Sam Jose area but also with the GaL-AA Committee at the International Convention in Atlanta. Gary has been a member of the Fellowship since 1994.

Eric Wittbrodt –

Eric hails from the Detroit area (site of the 2020 International Convention) and currently lives in St. Louis, MO. A member of the Fellowship since 2005 he has not only been of service to his home groups but has a long history with the Together We Can Round-Up in the Detroit area, serving as Chair of multiple committees, AA Co-Chair and AA Chair.

(Please note – these are snapshots of the Candidate’s resumes not full versions because of space constraints.)

The GaL-AA Fall Newsletter is available for downloadGaL-AA Fall 2015 Newsletter

Thank you everyone filling out our first Gal-AA survey.

We were able to get some really good data about Gal-AA. More importantly we received some great suggestions on what and where we need to focus our energy and how we can extend the hand of AA to the GLBT community. To see the results click the button above.