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Need Help w Lingo


We wanted to take a moment to thank each and every one of you for your support throughout the years. We also should thank each of you that have submitted meetings to be added to our list as well as changes that should be made to existing meetings. The entire committee (all 8 of us) meet last year in Akron, OH and divided up the list of almost 1,000 meetings and set out to do the research to verify the meetings by going to World Services and Intergroup meetings listed online. The task itself has been daunting. As you all know service work is volunteer based and this is something we do to extend the hand of AA, along with our regular jobs and being of service in our homegroups, intergroups, distrcts and areas.  In short we need your help. We need volunteers (10-15) who have experience with researching information on the internet, has attention to detail as well a couple (2-3) who have database experience to work with our webmaster to get the corrected/added meetings to the website. We have received e-mails expressing the concern of people going to the wrong places for meetings and we do not want that at all. The committee understands the fear involved in going to a new meeting or even more the fear of going to that 1st meeting. How discouraging is it to go there only to find out no one was there because the information was incorrect. This might sound like a huge task but if we work together we can get it done. If you are interested, know someone who is or have a sponsee that could use a little extra time outside of their head and has the below qualifications please e-mail us at support@gal-aa.org



Meeting Research Volunteers

Database Volunteers

1)     Should have at least 6   months of sobriety 1)     Should have at least 1 year of sobriety
2)     Should be actively   working with a sponsor 2)     Should be actively   working with a sponsor
3)     Research meetings   currently in our database 3)     Familiar with website administration
4)     Have attention to   detail 4)     Database    experience
5)     Be familiar and   comfortable using the internet 5)     Have attention to detail
6)     Time and determination 6)     Time and determination
7)     10-15 people needed 7)     2-3 people needed